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CostWise water timer - 3 station

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CostWise water timer - 3 station

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CostWise water timer - 3 station.


Up to 3 independet zones

  • decrease / increase the duration (up to 240 minutes)
  • The Eco Function creates a run/pause watering cycle, which provides absorption time for the soil. It can also prevent water run-off. WATER MIN and PAUSE MIN can be customized according to different applications (e.g. irrigation or lawn & garden), landforms (e.g. flat or mountain slope) and soil density (e.g. high as soil or low as sand). Below are 3 examples and suggestions: a.  Irrigation:        WATER 5 MIN PAUSE 2 MIN b.  Lawn – flat:     WATER 4 MIN PAUSE 1 MIN c.  Lawn – slope: WATER 2 MIN PAUSE 2 MIN Note: you can skip this setting if not needed
  • Manual Watering
  • Rain Delay


      All of our products are made of high quality materials and we have a large range of connectors to suit your every need. If you have high water pressure, we recommend the use of jubilee clips or cable ties on barb joints. Alternatively, use a pressure reducing valve at the source.

    Please note that imperial and metric size are not the same. The items we sell are imperial thread size, and metric barb end.